​​​​​​​In 1970 Mount Wellington Swimming Club has been established, following the opening of the Swimarama Pool Complex in Panmure on 20 December 1969.

It has been operating on the premises of Lagoon Pool & Leisure Centre/Panmure ever since.

The Club runs a coaching and training programme for its members.

There are two types of memberships, swimming for competitions and swimming for general fitness. Competitive swimmers are graded based on their results at swimming competitions, in line with Swimming NZ guidelines.

Swimmers must be able to swim competently to be eligible to join the club.   Please note, currently there is a waiting list to join the club.


Mount Wellington Swimming Club will:

o    Be a club with a passion for the sport of swimming.

o    Recognise that our swimmers are the most important part of our swimming club, regardless of their ability.

o    Ensure our swimmers are all treated with respect, listened to with an understanding ear, encouraged to become the very best swimmers they can be and, more importantly, outstanding members of the community.


• To increase parent/guardian participation in club and swimming meet management and organisation.

• To continue to grow swimmer numbers up to the available lane capacity.

• To provide for the ongoing growth of the club by actively seeking alternative options for lane space to match the target of at least 150 swimmers.

• To increase the Club’s profile within the swimming fraternity and in the Club’s catchment areas through publicity and teams performances.

• To develop an income model that is sustainable in the long term.

* Swimarama historical photos(cca 1970s) kindly provided by Fletcher Trust Archives